New Ceremony

Things just got very Madonna 1989 up in here.
Images by Fox.

This church is unbelievably sweet, just perched next to the motorway somewhere between Taupo and Turangi. Simply could not resist a photo shoot!

Who's a fan of Freckle's new henna tattoo?


Par 6

The studded creepers are from Storets! We love mini golf because nothing feels as good as getting to walk over mountains without having to actually dawn a pair of hiking boots. 


Forgotten Works

Sorry we haven't updated in so long, we know we have been very slack but we will make it up to you with a promise of shoes in the near but distant future!


Little Secrets

Sometimes it's a little too hard for us to resist wearing matching outfits.

We look like twins having a mid-youth identity crisis... but maybe we're ok with that.
All items of clothing are thrifted.


Loose Ends

Is one pleated skirt ever really enough? 

Also we'd just like to quickly thank Phoebe from Chiffon And Denim for awarding us The Liebster Blog Award! Make sure you check out her blog.


ring ring ring

Recently purchased this mammoth rock ring from Harry Wragg Boutique Melbourne.  Ohhh we love a massive rock, is it weird that we feel like this one is alive because it looks like it has veins?

No posts next week because we're taking trip to Lake Taupo, but we promise to return home with rural New Zealand op shop scores and plenty of photos.



Just some brief shots of our recent trip to Auckland City, where we both feel in love with the outrageous amount of trees planted on every street. 



Glorious Glorious Sun!

New Zealand weather is finally turning on the charm and we are both rejoicing at not having to have jersey breaks in between shots!

Oh la la remember that more images can be found here. 


Curs in the weeds

Sorry about the outrageous gap between this post and the last - our camera took a trip to the hospital. More posts soon we promise.